Team Workflow

Team Workflow offers the best inhouse work automation to businesses, corporates and individuals through its innovative software and automation offerings.

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Remote Work

Automatize the workflow to smoothen document transfer and define work allocation

Procurement Cycle

Make sure that product meets your need and procurement cycle is on time

Approval Workflows

Save time with swift approvals

Asset Management

Manage assets effectively to make the most out of it.

Expense Reimbursement

Make sure that the receipt is on time and work is never stuck

Recruitment Process

Ease the recruitment process by automatically sending applications to relevant the department

Clear Processes

Clear and proper definition of the processes help you build stronger and more efficient team. Studies says in any organisation on an average an employees spend upto 15% of their time in understanding the processes. A general employee takes upto 6 months to reach his/her optimum speed when assigned to any new process.

Improve Efficiency

Proper processes improve the mental and skill level of your employees. This not only makes them more efficient but more smarter. As they get more time to tackle new challenges and try their hands on more processes.

Team Coordination

As the processes get defined better the coordination between the teams improve. If you are able to define proper responsibility consider half the work is done. ProcessRobo gives you a clear picture in terms of work assignments and time spent on an issue by different stakeholders.

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